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Can your organisation make decisions?

All organisations need to make decisions. Decisions are made everyday both tactically and strategically. The one trait we see in high performing organisations is their ability to make decisions at speed. They go from idea to done in double quick time and spend a lot less time than underperforming businesses, in pontificating on whether to make a decision.

We are all constantly bombarded by blogs and vlogs that the world is changing and that we need to get things done more quickly in order to keep up. You're reading this because you know that your organisation struggles to make decisions and you either want to:

  • Improve the situation and status quo for the good of the organisation

  • Determine whether they can ever make decisions as fast as you need them to for you to be fulfilled in working for them

In a 2014 Harvard Business Review Article "9 Habits That Lead to Terrible Decision Making" they had the view that "...waiting too long for others’ input. Failing to get the right input at the right time. Failing to understand that input through insufficient skills. Failing to understand when something that worked in the past will not work now. Failing to know when to make a decision without all the right information and when to wait for more advice.